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You will be dealing with Lenny Landon, the founder and sole owner of the company. He began his career in the optical business in 1977. In 1980 he established The Landon Organization, an optical sales company. Prior to that he was in international consultant for ITT Corporation, the President of a toy company, and served in the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York. Landon received an MBA degree from Cornell University and a BBA degree from City College of New York.

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Landon Lens Manufacturing Corp was established in 1984 by Lenny Landon to make CR-39, plastic prescription lenses. In 1991, over 20 years ago, the company introduced its first semi-finished premium progressive, MVP. Priced at about half the leading brand at that time, sales increased so much that they had to decline new customers. Since then, the company has introduced a whole host of new products: Platinum premium progressive, a much softer design patterned after Varilux Comfort: Channel 14, short-channel plastic progressive; Channel 14 polycarbonate progressives; VARIATIONS photochromatic, mid-index progressives in regular channel and Channel 14, available in gray or brown; Channel 14 VARIATIONS polocarbonate progressives, in gray or brown, currently our best seller. Also, just introduced, polycarbonate blanks for free-form, in clear, or VARIATIONS, gray, or brown. Recently, just introduced, Channel 12 VARIATIONS II, progressives, mid-index, ultra-short, 12 mm channel in gray, or brown.


Quality is stressed above all other considerations; domestic orders are shipped complete the same day; and Landon Lens prices are usually much lower than equivalent products of the heavily advertised, high-price brands. Satisfaction is guaranteed! Landon Lens does NOT compete with its customers. Like you, we are an owner/operated company where our customers become our friends and are treated as friends. Some of our customers have been buying continuously for over 20 years. If you crave fancy, heavily advertised names and don't care how much extra you pay for the "box," then we are not for you. If you don't mind if your lens supplier opens up its own labs and stores competing with you in your own city or town, then we are not for you! If, however, you want an independent supplier with great quality, service and prices - offering cutting-edge designs and "white glove" service - contact us!!!


Landon Lens Manufacturing Corp.
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